Physical & Mathematical Modeling

Modeling gives an insight into the flames interaction with the secondary air stream so the flame can be visualized inside the process.

MEEMCO Mine & Metals uses a number of different techniques to build up a picture of what’s happening inside the process. Physical and mathematical modelling can help solve many combustion related problems and there are often many benefits that flow from correcting these issues.


  • Temperature profiles and heat flux inside the process are presented graphically

  • Graphic representation of the flames interaction with the secondary air stream

  • Concentrations of species can be followed inside the process, ie O2, CO, CO2, NOx, CaCO3 etc

  • Report with images generated and includes technical drawings of the suggested modifications for direct implementation of the solution

  • Improvement actions can be planned and installed during a scheduled shutdown, minimizing downtime and risk


  • Solve difficult combustion related problems of buildup, refractory or fuel consumption

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Longer refractory life

  • Increased production and improved product quality

  • Problem solve off-line without risk to plant or product quality

  • Determine optimal burner position and operating parameters