Hot Gas Generators

We have many years of experience in firing systems for drying processes and is able to offer you the most suitable low NOx solutions for standard and special fuels. Like the extremely efficient hot gas generators, which can be designed as a brick-lined combustion chamber with a double shell or in steel for low temperature applications.

Hot Gas Generator portfolio includes:

  • Generators with lean gas burners for:

    • Iron ore pelletizing plants

    • Pulverizing Mills (PCI  process in steel industry)

    • Mill drying plants for smelting furnace slag

  • Generators with standard fuels for:

    • Phosphate drying

    • Potassium &sodium-chloride drying

    • Gypsum drying plants & calcination

    • REA gypsum & fly ash drying

Our custom-designed hot gas generators provide you with flexibility and control, with maximum output.

The hot gas generator is developed for direct drying processes.  This standardized hot gas generator for low and high-temperature applications operates over a load range of 1 MW to 90 MW. It can be operated with a wide range of fuels and combined with different burner types.